Empty bottles of alcohol, cans, plastics bottles, cans of paint, traffic cones, a bike and tricycle pulled out of rivers

'Overwhelming' amount of rubbish taken from Kilkenny rivers

River Barrow and Duiske River clean-up a huge success

Sean Keane


Sean Keane



successful river clean up

Some of the rubbish taken from the River Barrow and Duiske River on Saturday

The amount of plastic and other rubbish found in a clean-up of the rivers Duiske and Barrow in Graignamanagh on Saturday was 'overwhelming'.
Organised by the Local Authorities Water and Communities Office, with local Community Water Officer, Ann Phelan taking the lead, it was tough work due to the overgrowth of briars, weeds and general foliage in many areas.
“It proved very difficult to access and retrieve all rubbish because of briars, weeds and foliage but the volunteers were undeterred and retrieved all the rubbish,” she said.
Outdoor Gear Ireland in conjunction with the local rowing, regatta and canoe clubs, as well as concerned volunteers took part.
“We concentrated on the stretch of the River Barrow from Clashganny Lock down below Butler's Lock to a place known locally as Scusha,” Ms Phelan said.
They also cleaned a section of the Duiske River, from the creamery to the entrance into the River Barrow.
One volunteer, Martin O’Brien said empty bottles of alcohol, cans, plastics bottles, cans of paint, traffic cones, a bike and tricycle were pulled out.
“It is inconceivable that with environmental awareness so much to the fore in the media and in schools, that so much waste is being generated,” Mr O'Brien said.
“This is only the beginning, there is a lot of rubbish further down stream that needs to be tackled and with the continued input of volunteers from our community, it will be achieved,” Ms Phelan said.
“Bio diversity is extremely important and maintaining good quality water status benefits everyone and everything, from the human to the tiniest of water organisms,” she added.