Kilkenny bookworms devoured reading challenge

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Turning over a new leaf

Children at the annual summer reading challenge event in the Ormonde Hotel

Kilkenny County Library Service celebrated the culmination of our annual Summer reading challenge Thursday in the Ormonde Hotel, with three comedy shows delivered by Punch Lion Comedy’s Kevin Gildea and Paul Tylak.
The national summer reading challenge for 2017, “Summer Stars” ran through July and August in libraries across Ireland, with children challenged to read eight books each.
Various incentives such as bags, swimming hats, wristbands and pencils were awarded to children to keep up the momentum.
The challenge was taken up by 1,017 children in the county – an increase of 18% on 2016. 56% of our readers were female, and 44 % male, with the 54% of those finishing the challenge between the ages of 7-10 years.
Improving Literacy
This initiative is part of a national Right to Read Campaign, which is actively supporting and improving literacy.
Research has consistently shown that reading ability can drop by up to three months during the holidays, which puts children at a disadvantage on their return to school.
“This challenge encourages children to maintain and improve their reading skills in a fun way over the holidays, and helps ensure that the school term success of children, parents and teachers is not reversed,” said Josephine Coyne, County Librarian.
“We are thrilled to with the continuing success of this programme, which is increasing in popularity each year,” she added.
“ We appreciate the encouragement and support offered by parents and teachers both leading up to, and during the summer, and hope all those fantastic young children will continue to enjoy reading for leisure,” she said.
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