Tell yourself that you are good enough, psychotherapist says

Being happy

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Happiness identified

Trish Finegan, Mary Walsh, John Lonergan and Caroline Crotty at a talk as part of International Mental Health Week PICTURE: PAT MOORE

What contributes to good mental health?
What makes us feel good about ourselves, what gives us that sense of well-being.
The question was asked by Caroline Crotty, psychotherapist and counsellor at an event as part of International Mental Health Week n Kilkenny. She said people should wake up every day and say to themselves; “I am good enough. I am happy being me. I'm not perfect but I'll do.”
She said it was importnt be happy or to try to attain happiness but she said some forms of happiness like retail therapy were transient and that happiness meant different things for different people and that everyone's feeling of happiness was different. She said it could be a warm memory from the past, a place or an event.
Caroline’s philosophy is that we can become happier and more confident within ourselves when we learn and practice relevant skills and techniques such as challenging negative thinking; being solutions-focused, exercising positive self-talk and controlling anxieties. She regards her role as a therapist as spotlighting the positive (because we are adept at spotting the negative.
The other speaker was John Lonergan, former governor of Mountjoy.
His philosophy is that change, personal or otherwise, cannot be enforced on people, believing that real and meaningful change only comes about through dialogue, consent and agreement.
There was large crowd for the event at Langton's Ballroom.