Participants from Kilkenny sought to pilot new lifestyle and weight-loss course

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


 Participants from Kilkenny sought to pilot new lifestyle and weight-loss course

Liz Doran, Joe and Marian Manning.

A leading training company, Barrow Training, are seeking people who would like to live a healthier lifestyle, and lose weight in the process, to participate in a new pilot programme.

The New LEAF Programme will be an all-encompassing approach to Health and Wellbeing, delivered over six weeks in Kilkenny this November 6.

 The programme, which is focused on; lifestyle, empowerment, attitude and food, has been developed by Barrow Training and Consultancy following personal experience by the company director Marian Manning. Having noticed important gaps in the offerings of large multi-national weight-loss groups, she set about bringing together an expert advisory group.

 Following research with this expert panel, the core of the programme will focus on enhancing people’s personal and work lives. Enabling participants to move forward with a new found approach and value for their personal well-being which will lead them towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. The spaces on the pilot programme will be offered free of charge to those who take part.

 “We are hoping people will 'live what they learn' from our New LEAF Programme. It is the first of its kind in Ireland to take a comprehensive and practical approach, encompassing all the elements that lead to effective and long-lasting changes for individuals. The pilot is an important project for us as it will inform the final programme offered in January 2018, " said Marian Manning.

According to the experts behind the programme this is an ideal opportunity for people who have struggled to change their exercise, eating and sleeping habits, to transform their lifestyle.

The programme will focus on the different elements of a healthy lifestyle, understanding and taking charge of your own health, understanding the science behind nutrition, the importance of physical activity, attitude and behaviour changes along with the importance of sleep to your mental health.

The New LEAF Programme will be delivered by a nutritionist and nurse, along with guest experts from the advisory panel, who will work with participants to show the connection between attitude, mental wellbeing, exercise and nutrition in developing a holistic approach to their own well-being.

Group sizes are limited to 14 places and will be served on a first come basis. The New LEAF Programme will commence in the Pembroke Kilkenny Hotel on Patrick Street, Monday, November 6 at 7pm until 8.30pm.

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