Kilkenny will never forget Jo Jo Dullard - Fr Willie

Jo Jo vanished 22 years ago today

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Jo Jo

Missing Callan woman, Jo Jo Dullard

Today (Thursday) marks the 22nd anniversary of the disapearance of 21-year-old  Callan woman, Jo Jo Dullard. She was last seen making a phone call from the public phone box at Moone, Co Kildare  around 11.30pm on Thursday, November, 9, 1995. Now, a  Kilkenny priest has reiterated his request for information to establish where Jo Jo's remains are located. Fr Willie Purcell, parish priest of Clara, Kilkenny has said he can be contacted on 0876286858.

“Don't be afraid, we just need to bring Jo Jo home for Christian burial,” he said, adding that the people of Kilkenny will never forget her or her family.

Back to 1995 - Jo Jo had missed the last bus home from Dublin that evening and rang a friend living in Kilkenny to say she was hitching a lift from Moone. 
A short time later a woman answering Jo Jo’s description was seen getting into the back of a car in Moone. The same vehicle was observed in Castledermot which is five miles from Moone at around 11:55pm on the same evening.When she never reached her destination, Jo Jo’s family became concerned and reported her missing.

Interestingly, ealrier on the night of November 9, 1995, Jo Jo thumbed a lift from outside the Garda Station in Naas to Kilcullen, and from there to Moone. 

The case went cold for 15 months until a taxi driver came forward and said that he saw a girl matching Jo Jo's description, running barefooted, from the back of a car, in some distress at 1.20am on November 10 at Dunkitt, Kilmacow.

The man, who was a taxi driver, saw a red car, with English number-plates parked at the side of the road.  He said that one man was urinating beside the car and suddenly a woman ran from the left-hand rear door of the car towards the front.  A second man appeared from the back of the car, and he followed the woman, grabbed her by the hair, got her in a bear-hug and then dragged her back to the car.  They then took off in the direction of Waterford. 

The taxi driver said that this all happened in a matter of seconds as he was driving past the car.  The Gardai believe these men to be Irish. A further witness report outlines the story of a girl matching Jo Jo’s description who was seen in apparent distress, also in Waterford around 2:30am that same night.  This deeply disturbing report has never been resolved.

A number of other men have been questioned in regards to Jo Jo’s disappearance including the notorious Larry Murphy  and a convicted serial rapist who operated in Kildare around the time of her disappearance, without success.