Kilkenny TD John McGuinness to petition EU over Jo Jo Dullard case

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Remembering Jo Jo

Jo Jo Dullard's sisters, Mary Phelan and Kathleen Bergin with Fr Willie Purcell, John McGuinness TD, family and friends at the Missing Persons monument in the Kilkenny Castle Park on Sunday

Deputy John McGuinness is to petition the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of the family of Jo Jo Dullard who went missing, presumed murdered on November 9, 1995.
“This is a human rights issue, it is about the right of Jo Jo’s sisters and relations to get justice for her,” he said at a ceremony in the Kilkenny Castle Park on Sunday to mark the 22nd anniversary of her abduction outside the public phone box in Moone, Co Kildare.
“I don’t think the state or the institutions of the EU have done enough for the Dullards,” the Fianna Fail TD, who has campaigned on behalf of the Dullard family for well over 20 years, said.
“Jo Jo’s two sisters, Mary Phelan and Kathleen Bergin have a a human right to be reunited with Jo Jo and they are entitled to be able to give her a Christian burial,” he added.
He also suggested that Interpol, the European police agency, should take a deeper look at the case to see if there were other similar cases in other EU countries.
Jo Jo’s sisters, Mary Phelan and Kathleen Bergin each took part in the event with Mary giving a reflection and Kathleen reciting a poem.
Both said they would never give up in their quest to find her remains.
“She will always be a part of us and we will never stop our search,” Mary Phelan said. Fr Willie Purcell, who organised the event, prayed for Jo Jo and her family at the monument before the Kilkenny Gospel Choir sang Amazing Grace with the 50 people present joining in.