Impact of a turbine, even at 500 or 600 metres, is tiny - Claim made in Kilkenny

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


wind blows for turbines

George Tottenham and Cathal Hennessy of Innogy Limited, Kilkenny, at the Irish Wind Farmers Association annual conference

Wind farmers and those providing alternative energy sources are “a death threat” to long-established energy providers, a wind energy expert has claimed.
Irish Wind Farmers Association (IWFA) Chairman, Grattan Healy said people would be naïve to believe that the fossil fuel industry and the nuclear industry were not working to slow down the advancement of renewables.
Mr Healy told delegates at the IWFA annual conference in Kilkenny, that the real story was that wind farming sustained thousands of jobs, reduced dependence on fossil fuels, created a future for the next generation in rural Ireland and has unlimited potential.
“The likely impact of a turbine, even at 500 or 600 metres, is tiny. People should drive out to their nearest windfarm, stand under the blade and see how ‘not noisy’ they are. All you will experience is a slight swoosh, swoosh, swoosh,” he claimed.
“Developers who engage with the community early, who explain the project, how it will work, who make a contribution to the local community, who explain its impact in a non-technical manner and in a language people can understand and who explain the fact that turbines are largely noiseless are far more likely to get the green light than those who simply submit an application and hope for the best,” Mr Healy said.