Proposed brewhouse works in Kilkenny may have ‘unknown impact on archaeological heritage’

A consultation process is under way and information session is this evening

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



FILE PIC: One of the original CGI images of the proposed brewhouse development

A report on the proposed redevelopment of the Brewhouse building on Kilkenny’s Abbey Quarter site has concluded it will have an ‘uncertain impact’ on part of the area’s archaeological heritage.

The author of the report was commissioned by Reddy Architecture and Urbanism Ltd to carry out an archaeological impact assessment in association with the proposed redevelopment of the building. The report details the results.

The proposed redevelopment of the Brewhouse includes substantial internal changes to the building, including new columns and internal walls, a new floor surface, new lifts, and foundations. It is also proposed to alter the internal floor height.

In addition, the plans for the building will necessitate new services, and these services will be routed through the concrete yard around the west and south of the building. The updated plans have resulted in the proposal having to return to the Part 8 process.

The report notes that the redevelopment of the Brewhouse will not have any known direct impact on St Francis Abbey. However, external services required may have an ‘unknown impact on archaeological heritage’, as will some internal development works.

The report proposes a number of recommendations and measures to offset the risks. These include archaeological monitoring of all ground disturbance works, protective hoarding around the abbey, noise monitors, and limitations on construction traffic.

A Part 8 proposal for the redevelopment of the Brewhouse Building is currently on display, and submissions can be made to the Part 8 until 5pm on Friday, December 8. More details are available at

An informal public information session regarding the brewhouse and a 'Development Code' for the former brewery site is taking place in The Maltings, Tilbury Place, Kilkenny this evening from 4pm-8pm. All the documentation will be on public display and council staff will be present to answer any queries.

All are welcome, and no appointment is necessary.