Patient Survey rates local hospitals as Kilcreene ranks highly

Survey findings on St Luke's, University Hospital Waterford, South Tipperary General Hospital and Kilcreene Orthopaedic Hospital

Brian Keyes


Brian Keyes


HIQA Patient Survey

Results of the  National Patient Experience Survey released today provided mixed feedback for local hospitals as Kilcreene Orthopeadic Hospital  in Kilkenny performed best of all and  recorded an 80% very good satisfaction rating, compared to the national average of 54%.

In comparison, St Luke's General Hospital  recorded 43%, University Hospital Waterford 42% and South Tipperary General hospital in Clonmel 46%.

The survey, which took place during the month of May, gave almost 27,000 patients discharged from a public acute hospital across Ireland the opportunity to describe their experiences in hospital. It is the largest single survey of the healthcare system in Ireland and received an exceptional 51% response rate.

90% of cases were admitted to St Luke's in an emergency, and 60% of patients waited for over 6 hours. 87% of patients felt they were treated with respect and dignity.

St Luke's survey

In the case of Kilcreene Orthopaedic Hospital, 98% of patients were pleased with the way they were informed of what to do after they left the hospital. 20% described the food in the hospital as poor. Average age of patients was the highest of hospitals in the region, at 68.

Kilcreene report

In University Hospital Waterford, 76% of admissions were as an emergency and 75% of patients waited for more than six hours before admission. 

University Hospital Waterford

In South Tipperary General Hospital in Clonmel, 46% found it very good and 81% entered on an emergency basis while 50% said they did not receive an explanation about their condition that they could fully understand.South Tipperary General