Kilkenny councillor 'shocked' to hear 18 people detected over alcohol limit

Cllr David Kennedy says figures are astonishing

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Drink Driving

FILE PIC: Councillor David Kennedy said he was astonished to hear the figures from Gardai

A local councillor has said he was absolutely shocked to hear Garda figures revealing that 18 people were detected driving over the alcohol limit in Kilkenny last month.

Cllr David Kennedy says it's incredible in this day and age, given the amount of ads, awareness campaigns and the clear regulations, that people are still drinking and driving. He posted about the issue on social media following a recent policing meeting, and told the Kilkenny People the message obviously is still not getting across.

"Some people are still not getting it - drinking and driving do not go together," he said.

"What is astonishing is that ten of these were caught in the city; it is not simply 'a rural issue' as some have suggested. People are taking a chance."

The Sinn Fein councillor says he's urging people to be safe on the roads and not take any chances coming into the traditionally dangerous Christmas/winter period.