Kilkenny-based psychotherapist gives top tips to enjoy the festive season

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


Kilkenny-based psychotherapist gives top tips to enjoy the festive season

Janet E Sahafi

Kilkenny based psychotherapist and author Janet E Sahafi offers her top tips for making it through the festive season, a time of year which many people can find difficult.

She advises, “There is no need for perfection, keep things simple. Experience the joy and lightness which Christmas can bring. In the midst of any confusion or angst, remember to breathe in the peace and true spirit of Christmas. Love is inside of you, not something else that someone gives to you.”

Janet’s mindful methods to help you make it through the festive season. 

Quality over Quantity - One thoughtful gift, given with love is wonderful.     

Motivation - Think about why you are doing, what you are doing. Whether you are buying a present, writing and sending a card, making a cake, putting up decorations or getting in contact with old friends; it is important to remember the essence of the festive season and to move in the spirit of it.

Remember -  Take some time each day to focus on your breathing and remember the blessings in your life as small as they might seem. Christmas is especially a time to reflect and remember those who have passed on, remember them in joy and love.

Charity -  Reflect on what cause in Ireland most speaks to your heart and give generously to it and this can simply be by giving your time. Step outside your comfort zone and make somebody’s day by smiling at passers-by and wish them well whoever they are; giving from the heart to strangers costs nothing.

Expectations - Keep your thoughts in today, in the moment and be free of expectations. Breathe. Make time for yourself amid the hustle and bustle whether this is taking a bath, going for a short stroll, looking at the night sky, listening to others talking without having to interject or simply enjoy a few moments over a cuppa. Forget the urgent issues which can arise and focus on the essential.  

Born in rural Oklahoma, Janet E Sahafi is a psychotherapist and author. She now lives in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny.  Through her own life struggles and subsequent therapy she was introduced to psychodrama. From there she went on to receive a Masters Degree in Literature and Humanistic Education and subsequently trained as a psychotherapist and an addictions counsellor. Her books ‘Healing the sprit’ and ‘Healing the past’ are straight-forward, clear talking and powerful publications detailing journeys of courage that prove recovery from trauma is possible with forgiveness, acceptance and love. 

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