Calcifer the bewitching Cathedral cat of Kilkenny

Head of security and mouse catcher

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Taking a cat-nap

Calcifer, taking it easy on the main aisle of St Canice's Cathedral

A bewitching, crowd loving cat has taken over as head of security at St Canice’s Cathedral.
Aptly named, Calcifer saunters around the building with his owner, the cathedral sexton Vivien Thompson as she locks up, keeping an eye out for anything untoward.
He has even been seen sitting in Bishop Burrows’ comfy seat in the building.
He loves posing for photos with visitors and a bit like his tv cousin, Garfield, doesn’t seem too bothered about anything.
He also keeps the place mouse free and has become a permanent feature much to the delight of tourists.
Some say the neutered moggie is a witch’s cat, namely that of Dame Alice Kyteler who has strong connections with the cathedral - he also keeps the place ghost free.