Kilkenny 2017 broadband update: Eir passes additional 3,078 premises with high speed broadband

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


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In total, Eir says it has passed over 24,000 premises to date across the county

Broadband provider Eir says it last year passed an additional 3,078 homes and businesses with high speed broadband in Kilkenny – 2,539 of which were fibre-to-the home connections, offering speeds of up to 1,000Mb/s.

This includes connecting communities in Knocktopher, Mooncoin and Piltown.

The rollout is part of Eir’s commitment to reach 300,000 premises by the end of next year, with an investment of €200 million made in the network. In total, the company has passed over 24,000 premises to date across the county.

According to the National Broadband Plan, by the end of 2018 it is expected that 77% of premises nationally will have access to high speed broadband, climbing to 90% in 2020.

The Department is in a formal procurement process to select a company or companies who will roll-out a new high speed broadband network in the NBP State intervention area. The procurement process is now at an advanced stage.

The speed of the rollout, however, has been repeatedly criticised by local councillors, and people in many rural parts of Kilkenny describe it as one of their biggest frustrations.