Preliminary figures suggest 98% LPT compliance in Kilkenny

€7.3 million (preliminary figure) collected by Revenue from Kilkenny for 2017

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Compliance nationally for 2017 is currently at 97%

Kilkenny has a 98% compliance rate with the Local Property Tax, new figures from the Revenue Commissioner show.

Compliance nationally for 2017 is currently at 97%, which is in line with previous years. Compliance rate is calculated on an expected register number extrapolated from Census 2011 / 2016 information and data collected from the administration of LPT since 2013.

Mandatory deduction at source for LPT has been applied for approximately 2.2% of properties in Kilkenny.

A total of €7.3 million (preliminary figure) was collected by Revenue from this county. There is an element of estimation in the figures.

In October, as Kilkenny County Council prepared its budget, members heard that the level of funding from the LPT and the equalisation fund was confirmed at €10.67 million, which includes €3.42 million from the equalisation fund.

Previously, local councillors opted not to vary the basic rate of tax.