Freshford Green trees have to be felled - Kilkenny

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Freshford Green trees to be felled

Cllr Mick McCarthy has taken action to protect remaining trees on the Green, Freshford

It was hugely disappointing that the recent Storm Ophelia took two of the beautiful chestnut trees on the Green, Freshford.
The larger mature tree that was knocked was over 100 years old while the younger one was well established.
Worse news was to follow. After extensive surveying by the Parks Department of Kilkenny County Council it was confirmed that two of the red-flowering, chestnuts on The Square in Freshford had succumbed to bleeding canker disease.
They will have to be removed shortly as they are at risk of collapse.
“It is deeply regrettable to loose such a key part of our beautiful surrounds,” Cllr Mick McCarthy said.
“The beautiful village green will be a key focus of development and preservation over the coming years as we strive to protect our rich heritage and natural beauty,” he said.
Cllr McCarthy confirmed that all of the trees on the Square were treated last spring by an expert tree care firm providing soil de-compaction and addition of tree soil improver and fertiliser to improve the soil condition and ability to fight infection.
Despite their best efforts the two trees now recommended for removal were already at an advanced stage of decay when treated last year and have not shown signs of improvement.
Cllr McCarthy was pleased to be informed that all other trees are in moderate to good health and will be monitored regularly.
“The Council’s intention is to replant with a variety of red flowering chestnut which are more resistant to the disease and are very lovely to look at,” Cllr McCarthy said.