Kilkenny primary schools take on RDS Science Fair

Four local national schools are exhibiting their projects

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



'Groovy cows - Does mu-oo-sic make the milk flow?' The students from Dunnamaggin have been investigating

It's not just secondary schools exhibiting science and technology projects at the RDS this week; students from four Kilkenny national schools are also in Dublin - for the RDS Primary Science Fair.

The students of St Leonard’s NS in Dunnamaggin are investigating whether certain music can help dairy cows produce more milk, with their project 'Groovy cows - Does mu-oo-sic make the milk flow?' Meanwhile, the environmentally-conscious group in Skeoughvosteen NS are looking into whether our local river is a source of safe drinking water.

A project from Kilkenny School Project, on the Waterford Road, asks 'Does regular exercise really make us fitter?' while St Aidan's National School in Kilmanagh have brought their project 'Mol an Yoga agus tiocfaidh sí?'

The RDS Primary Science Fair showcases STEM investigations (science, technology, engineering and maths) undertaken by 4th-6th class and Key Stage 2 primary school-aged children across Ireland. With a core focus on children’s skills development, it brings together teachers, parents and students to showcase class projects, share experiences and learn from each other.

The fair got under way in Dublin yesterday, and also has events in Limerick (January 18-20) and Belfast (June 6-7). A great day out for the entire class, the RDS Primary Science Fair showcases projects alongside an exciting science-themed entertainment programme, including large-scale science shows and interactive exhibits.