Kilkenny comes out to pay tribute to Rudolf Heltzel

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Kilkenny  comes out to pay tribute to Rudolf Heltzel

Eve, Rudolf and Christopher Heltzel during the opening of the Rudolf Heltzel In Precious Metal Exhibition PICTURE: PAT MOORE

One of the largest crowds ever seen at the National Design & Craft Gallery in the Castle Yard, Kilkenny came there last night to pay homage to a much loved German man who made his home in Kilkenny for over 50 years and who has done so much to portray his adopted city as a hub of design and home of quality jewellery.

Rudolf Heltzel's spectacular exhibition of sculptural pendants is magnificent thanks to the originality, quality and timeless aesthetic of his craftsmanship.

Each piece is created meticulously by hand using some of the world’s oldest jewellery techniques. The exhibition showcases many of his most ambitious and technically complex designs, presenting pieces selected from his personal archive alongside new work in three of his sculptural pendant collections – Rock Crystal, Tourmaline Butterfly and Druzy. 

Mr Heltzel will also deliver a lecture, The Arduous Road to the Creation of a Jewel, on Saturday  in the Gallery.