Temporary brewery parking could raise cash for two multi-storey carparks in Kilkenny, says report

The €2 per day model 'would be insufficient' and charge of around €5 per space per day needed to be viable

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews




Study refers to a general price of €15,000 ex vat per multi-storey carpark space and €4,000 ex vat per surface carpark space

Income arising from proposed temporary parking on the Abbey Quarter could be used to help cover the cost of constructing two large multi-storey carparks at locations in Kilkenny City, according to the parking options assessment commissioned by Kilkenny County Council.

The parking report, carried out by Roadplan Consulting, notes: “In the short and medium terms, the emerging car parking needs of the developing Abbey Quarter should be served by the undeveloped plots within that site. This would allow a fund to be amassed through parking charges on the temporary parking to partially cover the capital cost of constructing two multi-storey carparks.”

In assessing the costs of proposed carparks, a general price of €15,000 ex vat per multi-storey carpark space and €4,000 ex vat per surface carpark space are used by the consultants.

The recommended locations for these two multi-storey carparks are at Bateman Quay (550 spaces) and at Green Street (550 spaces). The report notes that the Green Street location would, however, reduce any proposed housing options for this area.

The report also recommends that the ‘pricing structure’ of long-term parking in the city centre should be assessed. It says the current long-stay rate of €2 per day would not be ‘economic’ in the case of a multi-storey carpark. It says taking into account capital costs and running costs, a revenue of around €5 per space per day is needed to be viable.

No decision has been made as regards multi-storey carparks, and at a council meeting last year, a number of councillors outlined opposition to possible multi-storey proposals.

The public consultation phase is now under way on a proposed Variation to the Kilkenny City & Environs Development Plan 2014-2020 to provide the necessary overarching policy framework to allow for temporary car parking in the Abbey Quarter Masterplan area. Submissions can be made here.