Revealed: Where Kilkenny ranks amongst richest counties in Ireland

Dubliners have the most disposable income of any people across the country

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Kilkenny is ranked eleventh in a table of the richest areas in Ireland. 

Dubliners have the most disposable income of any people across the country, with €2,964 more cash in their pocket than the national average.

That is according to the annual 'County Incomes' report from the Central Statistics Office.

The national average disposable income figure for 2015, which is calculated by taking all the income sources and excluding all the taxes, is €20,334.

Kilkenny meanwhile has an average disposable income of €19,227 which puts it eleventh on a table of 28 regions due to Tipperary being split into north and south. 

The figure means that the monthly disposable income for people in Kilkenny is on average of just over €1,600 per month. 

Dublin has the highest average disposable income per person in the country at €23,298, or just over €1,940 per month.

A CSO spokesperson confirmed to - where the figures first appeared - that they figures do not include any rent, mortgage or other obligations a person may have.

Only three counties (Dublin, Limerick, and Kildare) exceeded the national disposable income average in 2015 while Cork, Wicklow, Waterford and Meath were all within a few hundred euro of the mark.

At the other end of the scale Roscommon had the next lowest figure to Donegal, with an average disposable income of €16,582, followed by Offaly (€17,242) and Mayo (€17,390).