Kilkenny village cut off from rest of world until Tuesday at least

Coon village is 800 ft above sea level

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Cut off from the world

Ballasalla cross, Coon in North Kilkenny

All physical links with Coon village in North Kilkenny have been severed by the snow. It is 800 feet above sea level and while things were bad during the last big snow in 1982, this time the residents don't even have a shop to rely on.

Drifts of up to 10 ft from both the Castlecomer and Carlow sides has cut the lovely village off from everywhere.

Resident Mick Somers said the only good thing about the  situation is that it will now force government to look at how it has allowed rural Ireland to go into decline by removing vital, local services like the post office and by standing by while creameries and local shops shut their doors.