Kilkenny fire service saved lives during last week's floods

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Freshford flooded again

The Johnstown Road, Freshford flooded last week

Kilkenny fire service were involved in a near death incident during the floods of last Wednesday night.
They came to the rescue of two people who were trapped in their car as floodwaters rose around them on the R699 close to Callan Golf Club at 9.30pm.
Callan fire brigade were dispatched when the car became trapped in rising floodwaters after the Kings River burst its banks.
The emergency services had difficulty getting to the occupants due to the rising water levels.
The occupants were in fear for the lives as the water rose around them, while firefighters with assistance from local machinery owners brought the two occupants to safety.
At 8.40pm a young, female motorist and her four-month-old baby got caught in the flood on the Johnstown road, Freshford after the Nuenna river burst its banks.
They were quickly towed to safety by the fire brigade and were never in any danger.
The Callan fire service were called out a short time later after residents on Bridge Street, Callan were forced from their home as water rose to over two feet within minutes as it entered from the nearby Kings River.
In the city, the fire service were out in force on the Circular Road and Robertshill which was flooded again with floodwaters starting to enter some homes at 11pm.