Live Register in Kilkenny down 50% since February 2012 – Minister Phelan

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Minister John Paul Phelan

Minister John Paul Phelan

The number of people signing on the Live Register in Kilkenny has halved since February 2012, new figures obtained by Fine Gael Junior Minister, John Paul Phelan, TD, confirm.

Unemployment in Ireland has fallen steadily from a peak of 16% in 2012 to 6% in March 2018.When compared with this time last year we see almost 20,000 more people back to work.

“It is very positive to see that the number of people signing on the Live Register in Kilkenny has reduced by 613 people or by 14% in the past year alone. This equates to more than 600 families better off this year as more and more people are people back in work," Minister Phelan said.

“Fine Gael’s Action Plan for Jobs is working. Since it was launched in February 2012, the Live Register in Kilkenny has decreased by exactly 50%.. This equates to 3,751 people who have returned to employment for the benefit of themselves, their families and the local communities in which they live.

“Unemployment was arguably the worst consequence of our economic crisis as it caused terrible financial and personal stress in households across the country. Driving down unemployment is part of our overall goal to support families and strengthen communities right across the country.

“We are working hard to ensure that the economic recovery is felt across every region. Despite what the Opposition would have you believe, four out of every five jobs created in the past year were outside of Dublin. And these are not just in the commuter belt, with seven out of every 10 jobs created outside of Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow. In fact unemployment has decreased in every region of the country since the current Government was formed in early 2016.

“In tandem with steady economic growth and falling unemployment, the Government is also investing in a sustainable future for our country. The Government’s plan called Project Ireland 2040 aims to ensure that Ireland is ready for the future with a society that has sustainable and balanced growth, nurtures talent, serves the welfare of our people, and offers opportunity for all. 

“We are now thankfully moving towards full employment and we will ensure that all parts of Ireland can share in our prosperity and economic growth, including here in Kilkenny,” Minister Phelan said.