Scenic south Kilkenny waterfall back on the table for funding

Mullinavat beauty spot would be 'too big of a loss' to close

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



The cost of building a carpark on the hill near the waterfall would be in the region of €100,000

South Kilkenny councillors are to explore the possibility of funding a survey and detailed design to begin the process of opening up the scenic Poulanassy Waterfall area near Mullinavat.

For insurance purposes, the council are required to carry out works at the waterfall. A recommendation had been made by  Irish Public Bodies to close it, but area engineer Ian Gardner said the council determined it would be ‘too big of a loss’.

A number of carpark spaces would have to be provided at the site, however. Agreement has been reached on the price of land, although it is not known yet how much land will be needed. Mr Gardner said the next step would be to appoint a consultant for a survey, design and planning process, but there was no budget set aside for that.

“We are talking in the order of €11,000,” he said.

Cllr Fidelis Doherty asked if there was any scheme or tourism funding from which it could be sourced. Mr Gardner said he was not aware of any, but if the initial amount could be found to get past the first stage, the council might be in a position to seek some. He suggested members consider using the local muncipal allocation.

The actual cost of building a carpark on the hill near the waterfall would be in the region of €100,000.

“If you got it to detailed design and planning you’d be in a position to apply for funding,” said Mr Gardner.

That municipal allocation for the Piltown area this year is €40,000, and how it is to be spent has yet to be decided. Councillors have agreed to meet to discuss it prior to the next monthly meeting.

Cllr Eamon Aylward said he was glad that some agreement had been reached with the landowners. He said it was a fantastic facility, but there was occasionally anti-social behaviour there, which could be mitigated by it being made more open with an improved line of sight.