Three Kilkenny city landmarks to be enhanced by those who get probation in court

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Kilkenny wells to be enhanced by those who appear in court

From left: Peter Bluett (Keep Kilkenny Beautiful), Derry Gahan (Commuity Service Supervisor with Kilkenny Probation Service), Mayor Michael Doyle, Simon Walton (Director of Services, Kilkenny Co Co

Keep Kilkenny Beautiful (KKB), Kilkenny County Council and the Probation Service have collaborated to deliver enhancements to three well-known sites in the city.
The Lacken Well, Kennyswell and Kirwan’s Well on the Canal Walk will all benefit.
The works to be undertaken have been specified by the council and KKB. They will be undertaken with the supervision of the Probation Office.
The works will serve to complement the various maintenance works undertaken by the council and KKB and provide the Probation Service with valuable community based projects that serve to enhance local areas.
Probation service
Commenting on the collaboration, Mayor of Kilkenny, Cllr Michael Doyle said that he was happy to confirm his support for Kilkenny County Council to assist the Probation Service in their work.
“The projects identified will provide added value in terms of the enhancements in the local community,” he said.
“Additionally the works support the tremendous efforts of the Council, Keep KKB and all of the voluntary groups who give their time to ensure Kilkenny city always puts its best foot forward,” Mayor Doyle added.
City engineer Simon Walton noted there is an ongoing challenge to present the public realm to the highest standard possible for the benefit of everyone.
“The three wells in question are the subject of much local pride and represent a significant heritage asset,” he said.
“They will benefit from these works and the works will serve to support and compliment the works of other local community groups in these areas.
“Kilkenny City will benefit from these works and the works expand previous works undertaken through the Probation Service for the benefit of Kilkenny City, most particularly works in St John’s Cemetery,” said Peter Bluett, Chairman of Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.
“Judging for Tidy Towns is fast approaching and KKB is urging all community groups and residents’ associations to put their best foot forward and to present the city to the highest standard possible.
“All works are to be completed by the end of June.
“Assuming matters proceed as intended, it is likely that further works programmes, along the same lines, will be agreed in due course,” Mr Walton said.