St Luke's, Kilkenny, is the third most-overcrowded hospital today

INMO figures come as hospital prepares to participate in visitor feedback survey

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


St Luke's Hospital.

St Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny, is seeking feedback from hospital visitors

St Luke’s General Hospital in Kilkenny is the third most-overcrowded hospital in the country today, according to figures from the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.

Today's INMO report shows 36 patients on trolleys and wards at the local hospital, up from 16 yesterday.

The increase comes as the local hospital this week announced it is seeking feedback from visitors as part of the National Patient Experience Survey, to help improve the quality and safety of healthcare services provided to patients in Ireland. The survey tries to understand how patients interact with the healthcare system and how they experience this process.

It will help establish what is working well in hospitals and what needs to be improved. All inpatients discharged from St Luke’s General Hospital during May 2018 will be invited to participate in this survey.

The results of the 2017 survey provided us with a rich source of information to help improve hospital care," says Anne Slattery, General Manager at St Luke’s General Hospital.

"We used the results to develop quality improvement plans, which outlined how patients’ priorities are being addressed.”

Key findings for the hospital included: 77% of those who responded described their experience in St Luke’s General Hospital as good or very good. 92% of patients said that they felt that they were treated with respect and dignity while they were in the Emergency Department. 90% said that they were given enough privacy while being examined or treated in the Emergency Department, and 88% thought that the hospital staff did everything they could to help control their pain.

A number of areas for improvement were identified and these included: waiting times in the emergency department, communications around diagnosis and test results and the patient discharge and transfer process.

In response to last year’s survey findings, St Luke’s General Hospital has developed a quality improvement plan – Listening, Responding and Improving - and to date the hospital has implemented a number of initiatives or projects to improve patients’ experience, including:

Rolling out the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Service
Expanding its Volunteer Service
Commencing service improvement work on the Acute Floor
Opening a 14-bedded ward to accommodate patients when the hospital is in over-capacity.
Development of a hospital information booklet for patients

"St Luke’s General Hospital would again encourage patients to participate in this year’s survey," says Ms Slattery.

"Their feedback is very important to us and provides us with important information on how we can continue to improve patient care and build on positive patient experience.”

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