Kilkenny well down the league table of Lotto wins

Carlow has won much more than Kilkenny in the Lotto

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


The Lotto league table

Kilkenny is in the bottom half of the Lotto wins league table

Kilkenny is languishing in 20th place in the National Lottery's Lotto league table. To date, Kilkenny Lotto players have won €29,307,451, putting the county in 20th place out of 26 counties in the 1,740 draws that have taken place.

Dublin has won the most, with a staggering €856,434,245 and Longford players have won the least with just €13,288,028.

However, Carlow which is a third smaller than Kilkenny and has a smaller population has won over a third more than us with €43,670,824. Arch rivals Tipperary (almost twice as big as Kilkenny geographically) has won €85,944,393, well over twice as much as us.