South Kilkenny freight train service to Mayo has stopped

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Port of Waterford in south Kilkenny

Port of Waterford in Slieverue, Kilkenny

The Port of Waterford, located in south Kilkenny, has confirmed that the contract held by DFDS with Irish Rail to operate a freight train between Belview Port and Ballina, Co Mayo stopped last week for commercial reasons.
Frank Ronan, Chief Executive, Port of Waterford said: “We will be sorry to see the service stop. It was an addition to our portfolio and it was great to be able to provide a port service to stakeholders in the northwest region.
“As the volumes involved were relatively small and likely to be replaced, we do not expect that our throughput of containers will be negatively impacted,” he said.
“However, it is a shame to see something that can take trucks off the road and reduce carbon emissions ceasing rather than growing and prospering.
“All of us (DFDS/Irish Rail/Port of Waterford) have worked to try to make the service a success but unfortunately the commercial proposition was not stacking up for the operator (DFDS).
“We will continue to seek alternative opportunities for rail access at Belview which is the only Port outside of Dublin that has this capability,2 he added.
John Coleman, Managing Director of DFDS said: “Several years ago, DFDS, in collaboration with the Port of Waterford and Irish Rail, carried out a project to serve our clients in the northwest with a container rail link between Ballina and the Port of Waterford
“This then connected cargo to DFDS’s twice-weekly container service to and from continental Europe.
“Late last year, DFDS reduced the rail service to one departure per week to seek to minimise losses while keeping the rail service going.
“Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of all parties involved, DFDS have now concluded that the rail service cannot continue in its current form and we must cease to operate it,” he said.