Bodacious - The Kilkenny cat who has written his own book!

Good gracious - A book by Bodacious

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


He is a cat like no other - A shepherd, a farmer, a chronicler of rural life in Kilkenny - Bodacious has it all.
Next week will be pivotal for him as he launches his first book, Bodacious The Shepherd Cat.
Already, there are negotiations ongoing to turn it into a major, animated film as feline admirers and book lovers wait for the launch of the tome in the Book Centre on High Street on Thursday, June 14 at 6.30pm by RTE presenter and Kilkenny woman, Helen Carroll.
And Bodacious looks as if he really couldn't be bothered, he is lord of all he surveys in Bennettsbridge.
Interest in the book by Suzanna Crampton has been fever pitch and sales are going very strong in Australia where it has been brought out first.
In the beautifully crafted work, Bodacious tells us about life as The Shepherd Cat on Black Sheep Farm. ‘I wasn't always called Bodacious. I must have been called something else in my kittenhood in the nearby city of Kilkenny, but it's all a bit of a mystery to My Human. As far as she's concerned, I appeared one day and have never left. It's a secret I plan to keep,” he tells us.
Written by Suzanna from the perspective of Bodacious the cat, this is a beautifully written memoir of Bodacious’s life on the farm and everything that entails — early mornings, frosty starts, beautiful sunrises, adventurous rare-breed Zwartbles sheep, hard work, entertaining animals, mouth-watering food, kind people and idyllic country living with its highs and lows.
Suzanna often tells Bodacious her favourite story of how she went out to buy red ribbon to wrap a gift for her friend, but instead came home with a gift for herself: a daring, assertive, ambitious cat looking for a home.
Suzanna Crampton grew up in the US but spent her summers at her grandparents’ small farm in Bennettsbridge.
She studied agricultural and environmental sciences at Sterling Institute in Vermont and then pursued a variety of careers in a broad range of locations, including breaking and training Morgan horses in upstate New York and working for a wildlife charity in South East Asia.
She returned to Kilkenny in 1997 where she taught photography and now farms, blogs and tweets about her sustainable farming.
Suzanna lives on her family farm in Kilkenny with her flock of Zwartbles sheep, alpacas, horses, chickens, dogs, cats and Bodacious, who strolled into her life 11 years ago.
Suzanna is the granddaughter of Kilkenny's most famous writer, Hubert Butler, recognised as one of the finest essayists of the 20th century.