Windgap's 'Black Lady' is looking for romance - exotic swan turns up on Kilkenny lake

Brian Keyes


Brian Keyes

Rare Black Swan in Windgap

The rare Black Swan - a native of Australia - pictured in Windgap

A rare, Black Swan - native to Australia - has turned up on a lake in Windgap. Ken Kinsella of Birdwatch Ireland took this picture of the female swan on Sunday.

The exotic bird is very popular with wildfowl collectors in both Ireland and Britain and the ‘Black Lady’ as she has been called locally may be an escapee having arrived from Britain or somewhere else in Ireland.

“Black Swans only mate with similar Black Swans and are loyal to the same partner for life unless one of the pair dies. A Swan that loses a partner may die of a broken-heart unless it finds a new mate quickly, I think our Windgap Swan is a female and she may be in search of romance. We all wish 'The Black Lady of Windgap' success in finding a partner,” said Ken.
Both Black and White swans are very aggressive during breeding season.