Top former Indian cricketer Ajay Jadeja gives globe a glimpse of Kilkenny

Cricket is India’s most popular sport by far - the visit and the videos filmed here present opportunity to highlight Kilkenny and Ireland

Kilkenny People


Kilkenny People



Former India cricketer Ajay Jadeja (left) with Kavya Chawla, Tourism Ireland, during filming in Ireland.

Cricket fans around the world got a glimpse of Kilkenny's sunny side when a famous former Indian cricketer payed a visit and filmed a number of short videos here, which were broadcast during the two T20 cricket internationals between Ireland and India this week.

With an estimated 255 million people watching both matches in India and in other cricket-loving countries around the world, Tourism Ireland sought to capitalise on the opportunity to showcase Ireland. In conjunction with Cricket Ireland and the Irish Embassy in New Delhi, Tourism Ireland invited former India cricketer Ajay Jadeja to visit.

He filmed a number of short videos at some of our top attractions – including Kilkenny Castle and around Kilkenny City. The videos aired in the ad breaks during the cricket matches on the Sony Pictures Sports Network – reaching a huge audience around the world.

Cricket is India’s most popular sport by far and is played and watched almost everywhere in the country, so Ajay’s visit and the videos he filmed here present a superb opportunity to highlight Kilkenny and Ireland.

“Tourism Ireland is delighted to welcome Ajay Jadeja to Ireland,” said Huzan Fraser, Tourism Ireland India.

“The videos he’s filming here will be seen by around 255 million cricket fans, positioning Ireland as a highly desirable place to visit. It’s the kind of publicity that money simply could not buy.

”Sport-related tourism has emerged as a very significant element in world tourism in recent years, with a multi-million euro market and a huge potential for countries who position themselves correctly. High profile sporting events, such as these Ireland v India T20 internationals, provide Tourism Ireland with an excellent opportunity to highlight the island of Ireland as a wonderful holiday destination, as well as a top location for sporting events.”