Diesel stolen again from tour bus in Kilkenny - 'the only place where this regularly happens'

Tour guide has lost count of number of times buses have been targeted in Marble City

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



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'The first thing drivers do in Kilkenny is check to see is the lock damaged, because then they know the diesel is gone'

A tour guide whose bus was parked in Kilkenny City overnight has expressed his frustration after the bus was again targeted by thieves who stole the diesel and damaged the lock.

Ger O' Brien has been a tour guide for over 20 years, and says he has lost count of the times it has happened to buses parked here overnight. He says Kilkenny is the only location where this seems to be a repeat problem.

"We had detectives up again this morning," he said.

"It's just constant. It's being done professionally, very quickly. But they're damaging the buses because they're using a crowbar [on the lock]. You'd nearly be better off just leaving it open and letting them take the diesel."

The problem has been flagged before. However, Mr O' Brien says it doesn't seem to happen in other big areas like Dublin or Belfast. He also says they have tried to park in residential areas here where the problem doesn't seem to happen, but buses aren't wanted there.

The diesel being taken is good quality, and the problem is costing coach operators and tours hundreds of euro. Any bus left near the Castle Road seems to be fair game, and many have tank access on both sides.

Mr O' Brien says they now only come into Kilkenny with a small amount of diesel left, due to fears it will be taken.

"The first thing drivers do in Kilkenny [in the morning] is check to see is the lock damaged, because then they know the diesel is gone," he says.