Insurance proves too big an obstacle for Kilkenny's Reign of Terror

Over 3,000 people registered for the event last year

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Action from last year's Reign of Terror

One of the most successful, annual, community events in Kilkenny will not go ahead this year.

The voluntary committee behind the Reign of Terror in the village of Kells have been unable to find and insurer for this year’s event which was supposed to go ahead in October.

“We, the community behind Reign of Terror, are disappointed beyond words and have exhausted all options in trying to insure the event but to no avail,” a spokesperson said.

Last year, over 3,000 people registered for the event which involves going over various obstacles, around and through the medieval Kells Priory in the village.


This year, a record number of people had been expected to take part and they all received an email recently to say it was being cancelled because an insurer for public liability could not be found.

The local committee are hopeful that the problem can be overcome and that the event can go ahead again in 2019.
Many of the obstacles are in storage and are ready for use.

In 2017, the Reign of Terror won a major award as, Ireland’s as Obstacle Course Race of the Year and had been responsible for providing the people of Kells a major boost.

“We’d like to thank everyone for their support and interest in our Reign of Terror obstacle course race event. We have enjoyed welcoming all participants the past two years to Kells,” the committee said.