SHOCKING - 14 bags of filthy litter dumped at Kilkenny swimming spot

The River Nore at The Weir in Kilkenny scene of disgraceful dumping

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


The shocking scene at Kilkenny city's main swimming area

At least 13 bags of rubbish dumped into the River Nore at The Weir on the Bleach Road

Dumping at an unprecedented level has blighted Kilkenny city's main swimming spot.

Up to 14 large bags of rubbish have been left at The Weir, on the city's Linear Park Walk, where most young people swim every day.

The contents of the rubbish bags are already seeping into the river and there are serious concerns over pollution and the risk to the public health.

A woman out for an early morning walk made the shocking discovery.

"This is dumping on an industrial basis and the whole area has been destroyed," she said.

Cllr David Fitzgerald,  who is a key member of Keep Kilkenny Beautiful (KKB) is fuming and wants immediate action.

"The Gardai need to get involved and the council  must liaise with all agencies to ensure the people who did this are brought to justice,"he said.

"They cannot be allowed to get away with this," he said.

"This was a major criminal operation and the bags must have been transported to The Weir and someone out there must have seen something," he said.

He again called for CCTV cameras to be installed at the popular bathing area and along the Linear Walk from Bishopsmeadows up as far as The Weir.

"Gardai must start patrolling here on a regular basis, we changed the city by-laws to allow this - There have been too many incidents along this stretch already," he added.