WATCH: Adorable moment little Kilkenny girl meets her new best friend

Freya's reaction to her new puppy has warmed people's hearts

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Kilkenny People



The moment Freya meets her new puppy

A video of a little Kilkenny girl meeting her new best friend - a puppy called Benji - is warming the hearts of people on the internet right now.

Freya, from Tullaroan, has been wishing for a puppy for years, and this week, her mother Roisin decided to make her dream come true. The video, already viewed over 2,000 times on social media, starts with the child covering her eyes waiting for her surprise.

There's a look of pure shock on her face when she sees the little pup, and then a big smile before the emotion gets to her.

"Oh my god, he's so cute," she manages, hugging her new friend tightly. The video has received lots of comments from people saying it brought a tear to their eye.

Benji the pup looks sure to have found a loving new best friend.