Kilkenny: Remains of over 150 bodies discovered in Evan's Home project dig

'Significant archaeological discovery' made during gas mains installation works

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Evan's Home, Kilkenny: More than 150 bodies archaeologically excavated by a crew of five archaeologists, formed part of original cemetery

The remains of more than 150 bodies dating back to the 13/14th Century have been uncovered and subsequently excavated as part of archaeological work on the site of the Evan's Home project in Kilkenny City.

The significant archaeological discovery was made during the course of completing gas connection works along Barrack Lane. Kilkenny County Council has said that the gas main installation works were halted for about five weeks while the remains were archaeologically excavated by a crew of five archaeologists.

All works associated with the excavation were completed under licence of the Department of Heritage. The burials all date back to the 13th/early 14th Century.

St John's Priory dates back to the 1240s, and Barrack Lane formed part of the original cemetery of The Priory. A detailed report will be issued in the coming months on the find, which also included the identification of the south wall of the nave of the church. 

In an update on the project today, the council said that significant works have been completed on the project in recent months. It's a 15month contract with an expected completion date of October 2019.

In the past three months the raking and re-pointing of the building walls has been largely completed. Internal ground floors have, to a large extent, been replaced. Works also continue on the new-build element of the works, the walls for which are now to first floor level.

The replacement of roof slates is ongoing and all strengthening and conservation of the existing roof timbers is now complete. Conservation and strengthening of first floor timbers is ongoing and works have commenced externally to support universal access to the site through what will become Evan's Home Archaeological Garden.

Over the next few months mechanical and electrical installations will commence and the external works to form the access ramp from Carnegie Car park and Barrack lane will also commence. The crane will be removed from the site in the early part of 2019.