Kilkenny financial expert advises on how to get your finances into shape for 2019

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


Kilkenny financial expert advises on how to get your finances into shape for 2019

Gearoid Cleere

Local financial advisor Gearoid Cleere from Cleere Life and Pensions is a qualified financial adviser (QFA) with a wealth of experience having worked in some of the largest financial institutions across the South East.

The Kilkenny-based company provide financial planning solutions in the areas of pensions, protection and investments. Gearoid has expert advice on how anybody can begin to get their finances into shape for 2019, whether the goal is to save for a mortgage, a holiday or for an emergency fund.

For those where the task seems all too mammoth to take on by themselves, the company are offering free financial reviews for the month of January.

Gearoid advises people to create a realistic plan, “Drafting a budget is key, then speak to a financial advisor or seek advice online. Create a plan that outlines where you want to be and set a structure going forward for the year ahead in order to reach this goal.”

Saving is a habit, once you begin and stick to it, it will become easier. 

“Once you get your salary, get into a habit of breaking it down into the bills that need to be paid such as fuel, car insurance, household and with the remaining money try set something aside for savings. Budgeting is key and will stop the impulse purchases,” said Gearoid.

Draft a weekly or monthly budget depending on when payment is received. Map out the income amount and all necessary outgoings. This will determine if there is any avoidable overspending.
After drafting a budget, look at what changes can be made, for example, quitting smoking, eating out less or impulse buying to allow for extra savings.
Outline loans and mortgages and consider if there is a possibility of paying them off earlier than  previously planned.
 Start small, saving a small amount is much better than having nothing at all. Begin with as little as €5 a week and build it up gradually.
 “Shopping around through your local broker for more affordable life cover or mortgage cover is key. The average saving that people who do this is 20 per cent and switching providers is not difficult.”

Founded in 2015 Cleere Life and Pensions provide financial planning solutions for clients in the areas of pensions, protection and investment. Working with individuals, sole traders and companies from across the South East, they provide planning solutions about pensions, investments, savings and life assurance. 

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