Kilkenny landowners launch appeals over Vacant Site Register

Several sites set for levy have been appealed to An Bord Pleanala

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



The levy on vacant urban sites, not coming forward for development, was established under the Urban Regeneration & Housing Act 2015

A number of landowners in Kilkenny have appealed the inclusion of land on the Vacant Sites Register, which places a 7% levy on vacant sites in urban areas to ensure they are brought into beneficial use.

A raft of appeals are before An Bord Pleanala pertaining to land which Kilkenny County Council has added to its register. They include:

A piece of land at Margaretsfield, off the Callan Road opposite Seville Lodge;

Robertshill Limited has appealed the inclusion of a site at Daly’s Hill, near the city;

City Cinemas Ltd has appealed the proposed inclusion of its site at John’s Green/Barrack Street;

A site at Middleknock off the Dublin Road;

Bolton Homes has appealed the inclusion of a site at Bolton Green, Callan.

These cases are due to be decided at dates at the end of May. There are currently 37 sites on Kilkenny’s register, including those which are the subject of appeal.

A site at the junction of the Callan Road and Circular Road is no longer on the Vacant Site Register, following the commencement of works there.

Previously, a number of sites were removed from the register on foot of legal advice sought by the council. Councillors had raised concerns over the eligibility of several sites, including some family-owned farmland.