Reduction in anti-social behaviour complaints to Kilkenny housing section

Most categories saw decline in 2018, except for 'damage to property'

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour complaints were down 11.5% here last year, but the number of 'damage to property' complaints doubled to 12

There was an increase in the number of ‘damage to property’ related complaints to Kilkenny County Council’s housing section last year, but overall, the number of anti-social behaviour complaints declined.

In total, there were 138 complaints made, down from 156 in 2017. Each complaint is logged and investigated by the Tenant Liaison Officer.

The category with the highest number of complaints was ‘rubbish/ maintenance’, which saw 50 complaints made — roughly the same as the previous year. There was a reduction in complaints relating to ‘alcohol/solvent abuse’ and ‘drug dealing’ (down from ten in 2017 to three last year).

The number of complaints relating to dogs (nine) in 2018 was less than half that of the figure for the previous year (19). However, there was a small increase in the 'other/horse' complaint category, with 14 complaints made.

The council is not the only authority dealing with anti-social behaviour complaints, and staff liaise with Gardaí, the HSE, TUSLA and other agencies in dealing with issues.