Kilkenny Music Festival a huge success

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Sean Keane


Sean Keane


All smiles at the Kilkenny Music festival

Fay Lannen, Lauren Brannigan and Anouska Dunne during the Dramitic Solo at the Kilkenny Music Festival PICTURE: PAT MOORE

The Kilkenny Music Festival was a huge success last week with hundreds of young people competing in over 70 different classes.
Competitions were held at St Canice’s Co-Ed School, Kilkenny College, Gaelscoil Osraí and St Canice’s Church.
The adjudicators for this year were Peter Stobart, Deirdre Long, Dr Ciara Glasheen Artem and Hilda Leader-Galvin, all from Cork.
Speech and Drama - Solo Verse, Girls and Boys, 6 to 9 years: 1st: Ryan Farrell 2nd: Jim Clune Very Highly Commended: Eleanor Bird Highly Commended: Maire McGuckian. Solo Verse, Girls and Boys, 9 to 12 years: 1st: Grace Clune Solo Verse, Girls and Boys, 12 to 15 years: 1st: Carina Mihaila 2nd: Emmeline Bird Very Highly Commended: Ava May O’Meara
DRAMATIC SOLO - Girls and Boys, 9 to 12 years: 1st: Clodagh Murphy. Dramatic Solo, Girls and Boys, 12 to 15 years: 1st: Anucke Dunne 2nd: Tadgh O’Donnell Jones Very Highly Commended: Lauren Brannigan, Julianne Barrett Highly Commended: Carina Mihaila
Dialogue: 1st: Fay Lannen and Lauren Brannigan
PUBLIC SPEAKING - Girls and Boys, 6 to 9 years: Joint 1st: Maire McGuckian, Eleanor Bird. Public Speaking, Girls and Boys, 9 to 12 years: 1st: Anna Waldron 2nd: Clodagh Murphy
Public Speaking, Girls and Boys, 12 to 15 years: 1st: Emmeline Bird 2nd: Ruby Woods 3rd: Medha Trehan
ADULT CHOIRS: Dr Arthur Colohan Cup: 1st: Intonations Choral Group. Clara Parish Shield: 1st: Enniscorthy Choral Society.

POST-PRIMARY SCHOOL CHOIRS: Ann P. Smithwick Cup. Open to all Post-Primary Schools: 1st: Presentation Senior Choir 2nd: Loreto 5th Year Choir.
The Marie Fitzpatrick Trophy Junior Sacred Music: 1st: Loreto 1st Year choir 2nd: St. Kieran’s College Junior Choir.
Eddie Gray Memorial Cup Post-Primary Sacred Music. Senior Sacred 1st: Loreto 6th Year Choir 2nd: Presentation Senior Choir 3rd: St. Kieran’s College Senior Choir.
Club House Hotel Shield Post-Primary Unison Choir (Under 14 years) 1st: Presentation Junior Choir 2nd: CBS 1st Year Choir 3rd: St. Paul’s 1st Year Choir.
Meubles Cup Post-Primary School Junior Choir: 1st: Presentation Junior Choir 2nd: St. Mary’s Secondary School 1st-3rd Year Choir 3rd: St. Kieran’s College Junior Choir.
The Rev. Fr. Donal Kelly Cup. Post-Primary School Chamber Choir; 1st: Loreto 5th Year Music Class 2nd: St. Kieran’s College Choir 3rd: Loreto 6th Year Music Class.
The Rena Brett Memorial Cup for Post-Primary Male Voice Choirs (Open to Choirs of 2 or 3 part voices): 1st: CBS Senior Choir 2nd: St. Kieran’s College Senior Choir 3rd: St. Peter’s College Choir

PRIMARY SCHOOL CHOIRS - The Little Larks Cup. Open to all Primary Schools including those with 5 or less teachers: 1st: Cór Rang 1 Gaelscoil Osraí. Soroptomist Kilkenny City & County Shield. Open to all Primary Schools including those with 5 or less teachers: 1st: Cór Gaelscoil Osraí 2nd: Bennekerry National School Choir
Brennan Family Cup. Sacred Music: 1st: Cór Gaelscoil Osraí 2nd: St. Brigid’s Primary School Kildare
Edward Logue Memorial Shield. Confined to Primary Schools with 5 or less teachers: 1st: St. Brigid’s N.S. Coon
Dorcas Birthistle Memorial Cup. Cóir Aon Ghutha: 1st: Cór Sóisearach Gaelscoil Osraí
Corn Connradh na Gaeilge. Cóir Bhunscoile: 1st: Presentation Primary School, Kilkenny 2nd: Cór Sinsearach Gaelscoil Osraí
Thomas Little Memorial Cup. School/Youth choir: 1st: Kilshanna Junior Choir
The Hackett Cup. Junior Boys Vocal Solo: 1st: Morgan Flynn 2nd: Bill Hayes Very Highly Commended: Jamie Knox. Teresa Ann Murphy Memorial Cup. Changed voices: 1st: Arthur Pushkin 2nd: Liam Smyth, Jim Parmeter
Cantabile Gold Medal-Junior Girl’s Vocal Solo: 1st: Jill Cleary.
Corn Uí Dhubhluachra. Do Scolairí Bunscoile- Cailiní agus Buachaillí Rang 4-6: 1st: Ruairí O Casaide 2nd: Roisin Nic Ghiolla Bhuí. An tAmhránaí Og Perpetual Cup. Senior Girl’s Vocal Solo: 1 Sophie Cahill. The Cafe Sol Cup. Girl’s Vocal Solo Competition for Musicals, Popular and Modern music: 1st: Aoife Goodison 2nd: Lauren Grace Very Highly Commended: Hannah Cahill Highly Commended: Beverley Colton, Roisin Howley, Margaret Humphreys, Megan Purcell. Helen O’Neill Memorial Cup. Girl’s Vocal Solo Competition for Classical music: 1st: Bernadette Royo 2nd: Aoife Goodison Very Highly Commended: Lauren Grace Highly Commended: Beverley Colton. The Margaret Tynan Memorial Cup. Senior Girl’s Vocal Solo Competition for Classical music: 1st: Kiri O’Neill 2nd: Emma Norse Very Highly Commended: Abbey McGiff Highly Commended: Maria O’Connor
The Breda Phelan Memorial Cup. Senior Girl’s Vocal Solo Competition for Musicals, Popular and Modern music: 1st: Sophia Peschke 2nd: Abbey McGiff, Amy Cahill Very Highly Commended: Maria O’Connor, Kiri O’Neill Highly Commended: Emma Norse, Leah Comerford
The Wine Centre Cup. Junior Piano E- Under 9: 1st: Grace Bai 2nd: Nathaniel Wei Cassidy, Athenais Selve Very Highly Commended: Ariane Eugenie Selve, Cormac O’Casaide.
Sr. Venard (Maureen) O’ Flanagan Cup. Junior Piano D - Under 11: 1st: Alexandra Keane 2nd: Evan Jain, Franciszek Mudrar Very Highly Commended: Ailbhe Ní Chasaide, Jamie Malone Highly Commended: Aristide Selve, Ruairi O’Dea
Bank of Ireland Cup. Junior Piano C - Under 13: 1st: Mara Crianga 2nd: Anna Walsh, Anna Hrymak-Quinn Very Highly Commended: Grainne Horan, Grace Cunningham
Francis Kearney Trophy. Junior Piano B - Under 15: 1st: Oliwia Slenzak 2nd: Shauna Bermingham. The Kit O’Toole Cup. Junior Piano A – Under 17: 1st: Julianne Bergin 2nd: Jim Parmeter
Brigid Gray Memorial Cup. Piano Duet Senior Grade
1st: Athenais and Aristide Selve
The Jackson Cup. Primary Schools Piano Junior Recital (1st-4th class): 1st: Grace Bai 2nd: Athenais Selve. The Mozart Cup. Primary Schools Piano Senior Recital (5th-6th class): 1st: Anna Hrymak Quinn Joint 2nd: Mara Crianga, Alexandra Keane Very Highly Commended: Anna Walsh Highly Commended: Jamie Knox. The Credit Union Cup. Competitors 12 and up to Junior Cert: 1st: Nataliya O’Neill 2nd: Patricia Norton Very Highly Commended: Emma McCabe, Oliwia Slenzak. The O’Reilly Cup. Senior Piano Recital: 1st: Declan Murphy 2nd: Cora Norton
The Joan Smithwick Cup. Violin - Under 9: 1st: Athenais Selve 2nd: Bartek Szlachta, Olivia Duffy Very Highly Commended: Ryan Farrell, Jennifer Zhang Highly Commended: Joycelin Zhang. Sr. Celine Dempsey Cup. Violin - Under 11: 1st: Jagoda Wikar, Joyce Lin Zhang 2nd: Athenais Selve, Joanna Szlachta Very Highly Commended: Niamh Doyle, Aristide Selve Highly Commended: Nathanael Wei Cassidy, Ailbhe Ní Chasaide. Thomas Delaney Memorial Cup. Violin - Under 13: 1st: Julia Weber 2nd: Omar Alkrdi Very Highly Commended: Joanna Szlachta Highly Commended: Mary Jo Faherty, Jagoda Wikar. Sr. De Sales (Muriel) Shiel Cup. Violin - Under 15: 1st: Julia Antolec 2nd: Eve Donohue Very Highly Commended: Millie Drennan, Oisín Farrell Highly Commended: Chiara Bryla. Teresa Shine Memorial Cup. Violin- Under 17: 1st: Ciara Faherty 2nd: Oisín Farrell Very Highly Commended: Sadbh Ní Chasaide Highly Commended: Ellen Fitzgerald
Sean O’Grady Memorial Cup. Senior Violin: 1st: Katie Breen
Margaret Hassan Memorial Cup. Viola - Under 13: 1st: Emmet Cousins
The Regina O’Leary Memorial Cup. Primary School String Recital: 1st: Julia Weber 2nd: Anna Walsh, Omar Alkrdi Very Highly Commended: Katie Chambers Highly Commended: Conor Farrell, Emily Smits. The Tallent Cup. Junior String Recital: 1st: Eve Donohue 2nd: Julia Anolec Very Highly Commended: Liam Smyth Highly Commended: Ferdia Shaw, Millie Drennan. St. Cecilia Cup. Senior String Recital: 1st: Ben Kavanagh 2nd: Katie Breen Very Highly Commended: Georgia Shine, Sophia O’Shea Highly Commended: Ana O’Shea
The Duggan Cup.Junior Chamber Music: 1st: Church Hillian Ensemble 2nd:Niamh Doyle and Tiah O’Neill 3rd: The Celloquads. Corn Sheain O Casaide. Grúpa Ceoil Bunscoile: 1st: Banna Ceoil 2 2nd: Banna Ceoil 1 3rd: Firoda School Very Highly Commended: Banna Ceoile 3 Highly Commended: CBS Primary Grupa Cheoil. The Larry Doyle Memorial Cup. Senior Chamber Music: 1st Dolce 2nd: The Cascades 3rd: The Granges Quartet.
Corn Ui Cheallaigh. Grúpa Ceoil Meanscoil: 1st: Borris Vocational School 2nd: CBS Trad Band, Gaeltacht Kilkenny 3rd: Na Giorríocha CCS Very Highly Commended: Na Fianna CCS, Colaiste Pobail Osraí Highly Commended: Na Sionnaigh CCS. The Siobhán Dowling Cup. Senior Chamber Music: 1st: Dynamica Quartet 2nd: Heifetz Quartet
Eric De Courcy Cup. Violoncello- Under 9: 1st: Emily Chambers. Sr. Catherine Bowe Memorial Cup. Violoncello - Under 11: 1st: Katie Chambers 2nd: Molly Cunniffe Very Highly Commended: Isabel Walsh. Sr. Marie Therese Saunders Cup. Violoncello - Under 13: 1st: Anna Walsh 2nd: Katie Chambers Very Highly Commended: Emily Smith Highly Commended: Cliodhna O’Connor, Grace Mullaney, Hugh Greany
Herr Joseph Koss Memorial Cup. Violoncello - Under 15: 1st: Ruth Finnegan 2nd: Margaret Mary O’Shea. Pauline Hogan Cup. Violoncello - Under 17: 1st: Georgia Shine
La Folia Cup Flute Under 11: 1st: Caoimhe Kealy 2nd: Ciar O’Gorman. Neil Dowling Memorial Cup. Flute - Under 13: 1st: Anna Waldron 2nd: Aidan Cullen Very Highly Commended: Aoife Cotter Highly Commended: Aoife Cunningham. Anna Morrissey Memorial Cup. Flute - Under 15: 1st: Síofra Ní Chasaide 2nd: Margaret Mary O’Shea.
Bobby Kerr Memorial Cup. Flute - Under 17: 1st: Gergely Pap 2nd: Cáit Whelan Very Highly Commended: Daniella Besleaga, Julianne Bergin Highly Commended: Katie Dore, Aoife Lynch, Laura Neville. First Active Cup. Senior Flute: 1st: Christine Doheny
The Molly Colohan Cup. Senior Wind Recital: 1st: Dermot Delaney 2nd: Christine Doheny
Sr Carmel Claxton Memorial Cup. Clarinet - Under 11: 1st: Lily Maher 2nd: Donncha Maher Very Highly Commended: Isabel Russell Highly Commended: Evan Walsh, Hilary Brannigan. Sr. Xavier Gannon Memorial Cup. Clarinet - Under 13: 1st: Bella Carter 2nd: Max Doyle Very Highly Commended: Leah Russell, Nicole Murray Highly Commended: Charlie Ryan, Heidi Wallace, Daisy Smith. Eddie O’Carroll Memorial Cup. Clarinet - Under 15: 1st: Mikey Ragget 2nd: Johnny Keane Very Highly Commended: Kate Morrisse. The Greg Flannery Memorial Cup. Clarinet- Under 17: 1st: Sophia O’Shea. The Donal McDonald Trophy. Senior Clarinet: 1st: Deirdre Cadogan
The Tom Dullard Perpetual Cup. Primary Schools Open Brass: 1st: Sophie Cahill 2nd: Angus Mullan Very Highly Commended: Bree Browne Highly Commended: Mairéad Fitzpatrick. AIB Cup. Junior Open Brass: 1st: Adam Mernin. Kilkenny Music Festival Cup. Senior Open Brass: 1st: Daniel Mernin 2nd: Adam Gordon
The Pat Shortis Perpetual Cup. Primary Schools Open Saxophone: 1st: Bill O’Shea 2nd: Conor Farrell Very Highly Commended: Oisín Marry Highly Commended: Ross Doyle, Bill Clune
The Tom Manning Cup. Junior Open Saxophone - Under 15: 1st: Artem Arlukov 2nd: Cian Farrell Very Highly Commended: Luke Morrissey Highly Commended: Seán Keenan, Seán Cullen. Ellen Ritter Memorial Cup. Senior Open Saxophone: 1st: Philip Behan