Relic of True Cross for Good Friday Walk in Kilkenny

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Relic of True Cross for Good Friday Walk to St mary's Cathedral, Kilkenny

St Mary's Cathedral

For the 19th annual Good Friday prayer walk a relic of the True Cross will be carried in procession for a service of blessing and prayer around the Cross in the Friary Church, Friary Street, Kilkenny. 

Pope Francis will carry the cross with a similar relic through the streets of Rome.  This is the third time that the relic will be used on Good Friday for blessing of those who come to the walk and service.  The relic of the true cross is one of a kind in the world and has the original and official seal of authenticity and approval by the Vatican.  A similar relic is held in Holy Cross Abbey Thurles. 

This is the 19th year of the walk, which will leave from St Johns Church at 7pm on Good Friday, it will move down John Street and up High Street to St Mary’s Cathedral for a service led by the Kilkenny Gospel Choir.  This year the walk will remember all those who suffer in our families, communities, country and world. 

The relic of the True Cross is kept in a large silver cross which has on the outside the symbols of the crucifixion.  The wood of the relic is in the form of a small cross and can be seen behind a glass front.  The word relic comes from the Latin word ‘reliquiae’, meaning ‘remains’ or ‘something left behind’, while a reliquary is a shrine that houses a relic, or relics. According to Catholic Church doctrine, a relic is a physical and personal memorial of a saint or the true cross of Christ.  ‘This is a very special treasure in said Fr. Willie Purcell, it is a rare relic and we are lucky to have it in Kilkenny.’  As part of the Service in the Friary on Good Friday evening people will be able to come and touch the relic and be blessed with it.  The annual Good Friday walk is a symbol of our solidarity with those who suffer said Fr.Willie.  This year a large crowd is expected to venerate the Cross and be blessed with the relic.  People are encouraged to join in the walk from St. John’s Church.  Over the years many miracles have taken place through the veneration of the true cross, people venerate the cross to identify the sufferings of their lives with the sufferings of Christ.  ‘Mary Kealy PRO of the Kilkenny Gospel Choir said all are welcome to this special time of prayer on Good Friday’.