'It's a very different council', warns Kilkenny's Joe Malone

Fianna Fail councillor tells new mayor and deputy mayor things have changed

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Joe Malone

Cllr Joe Malone: 'You are back in the same building and the same room, but it is a very different council'

A local county councillor has warned the new Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Kilkenny that they are returning to a 'very different council'.

Cllr Joe Malone, himself a former Mayor of Kilkenny, made the comments after the mayoral election of Cllr Martin Brett, as he was seconding the proposal of Cllr John Coonan as deputy mayor. Both Cllrs Brett and Coonan won their council seats back in the May 2019 local election, after a five-year absence.

"A word of caution - you are back in the same building and the same room, but it is a very different council," Cllr Malone said.

"It has completely changed. Everything is controlled in County Hall over in John Street now - everything by the management over there, and we have to acknowledge that."

Earlier in the meeting, Green Party councillor Malcolm Noonan had also referred to changes to local government. He said changes had "put an end to a long chapter in the history of the city - a corporation of 12 members".

The municipal district's Standing Orders were also adopted with some changes. The meeting's quorum is now three members due to the reduced number of councillors (seven), while permitted speaking time has been reduced from four minutes to three.

Cllr David Fitzgerald also said that the borough council had an old tradition of members standing up to speak, and this should be incorporated in business going forward. Cllr Malone seconded this.