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Princess Ellie

Share A Dream Foundation makes Dreams come true for seriously ill children all over
Ireland and whatever their dream is we try to move heaven and earth to make it happen. 

We receive no funding but in the last 27 years we have brought a little magic something
special into the lives of over 25,000 special children with the amazing support of the Irish

We have received a beautiful request from an absolute angel that we want to share with
you and give the community a good news story in the middle of so much bad and negative
10 yr. old Ellie Rose Richardson from Co. Tipperary suffers from cortical dysplasia, a
lifelong and non-curable condition. She's undergoing continuous neurological and cardio
medical interventions, medical control of seizures, OT, physio, speech and language, etc.

"Ellie has the most amazing temperament, great courage and outlook on life and totally lights up
any room she is in with her positivity and beautiful smile" said Shay Kinsella, founder of Share A
Dream Foundation.

Ellie Rose is a real girly girl and loves dressing up and being a Princess.  She contacted Shay
Kinsella to ask for if they could make her fondest Dream come true to be a real Princess in a
magical setting and be treated like royalty with her Mum in Kilkenny, as she loves it visiting
So the Dream Team got to work on this beautiful dream because in Share A Dream
anything is possible when it comes to the dream of little children fighting terrible life
threatening illnesses. 
On MONDAY 8TH JULY with the amazing support of the Mac Donagh Junction Shopping
centre in Kilkenny and the beautiful 5 star Lyrath Estate Hotel, Gardaí, The Kilkenny Rose,
limo services and others will all play a major part in making a dream come true for a pure
angel Princess Ellie Rose.

I enclose Ellie's timetable and ask your support in bringing this beautiful good news story to
the community with Kilkenny reaching out a hand of love and friendship to one little girl
who has suffered so much pain, heartache, disappointment in her short but traumatic young

If you would like to support or help Share a Dream contact them at


8th July 2019

1.15 PM Arrival of the family to Mac Donagh Junction Shopping Centre
1.45 pm Hair and Makeup, followed by a walk around the centre visiting all the
fantastic shops that are helping to make this little girls day magical.
3.30 pm Garda escort to the 5 star Lyrath Estate Hotel to stay in a luxury suite,
where she will enjoy spa treatments and dine that evening in their award
winning restaurant.

9th July 2019

Morning Breakfast and relaxing tour of the grounds of the Hotel
Afternoon 12:30/1 pm

Pamper treat to Oasis Spa for nails for Ellie and her Mum and Afternoon


10th July 2019

Morning Breakfast check out