Plans for new residential block at College Road/Circular Road updated

Scheme includes eight apartments in a four-storey block, and seven three-storey terraced houses

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



A site at the junction of College Road, Callan Road and Circular Road

Plans are progressing for a new four-storey residential block at the junction of College Road, the Callan Road and Circular Road.

Elm Park Construction Limited has been granted planning for amendments to the construction of a 15-unit residential development, for which permission was already granted. The permission is for eight apartments in a four-storey block (two bedroom units per floor); single-storey detached bin store crescent, and seven three-storey terraced houses.

Permission has now also been granted for amendments to the permitted design of the seven terraced houses element. This includes alterations to the internal first and second floor plans of each of the units — reducing the floor area of the second floor; and a reduction of the eaves level heights (front and rear) and ridge level height. It also means the introduction of dormer windows to the front roof pitch and other elevational changes. 

Walkin Street
Meanwhile, separately, a nearby four-storey apartment block at the junction of Walkin Street and the Old Callan Road is nearing completion. It consists of 35 residential units, comprising 23 apartments in a four-storey building, eight apartments in a three-storey building and four town houses, along with a ground floor office, and a community centre.