Gamma Location Intelligence reveals Kilkenny’s worst accident black spot

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


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Gamma Location Intelligence, the leading location intelligence services provider, has today released new analysis on the most treacherous road segments in Ireland revealing that the most dangerous in Kilkenny was the N78, through Castlecomer.

The company, which provides location-based insights to insurance companies and local authorities, has mapped out Transport Infrastructure Ireland data which shows that the roads with the highest collision rates – determined by the number of road accidents (injury collisions) per 100 million vehicle kilometres.

Gamma’s Perilfinder platform has an in-built Road Accident Model which collates data from the Road Safety Authority, Transport Infrastructure Ireland and the Central Statistics Office to analyse and present accident data to show where most collisions happen. The software also offers risk assessment insights for other perils such as flooding, fire and subsidence.

Speaking about the data, Director of Location Intelligence for Gamma, Richard Garry said: “Overall, according to the data provided by Transport Infrastructure Ireland, collision rates are decreasing across the country. However, there are specific stretches of roads where the frequency of collisions is still high.

“Not only does this analysis show drivers where they need to take extra care, it is also useful for insurance companies as it identifies the areas which are worst for road accidents and enables them to better assess risk.”