Open rehearsal for historic Kilkenny cathedral choir a chance to create something special

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Kilkenny People



Kilkenny's St Canice's Cathedral Choir

On a very wet Friday evening in January, a group of people whose paths would not normally cross gather in a large room of an old library to simply sing.

Scientific studies from all around the world tell us how beneficial communal music-making, and in particular singing, is to our mental health. In an age of overstimulation by screens and work matters, choirs still offer the solace of even just an hour in which the worries of one’s day simply become insignificant.

Friday after Friday, Sunday after Sunday, people arrive grumpy or worried, sing and leave somewhat relieved of the stresses of their daily lives – or to quote Stacy Horn in ‘Imperfect Harmony’ when singing in a choir you become “temporarily suspended in a world where everything bad is bearable, and everything good feels possible”.

St Canice’s Cathedral Choir is holding an open rehearsal on Friday, January 24 from 7-8.45pm in St Canice’s Cathedral with tea and coffee served afterward to open up the curious and strange world of choral music. Their young and vibrant director Bartosz Thiede would not blame you for associating church choral music with an exclusively religious, aged, and slow group of people as is the stereotype, however, the reality of our choir could not be any further from this!

A good choir works a little like a family in which people between the ages of 14 and 60 interact, work side by side, create friendships, and engage in creating something special - musical. It is also the only place in which you will sing 9th-century chant one day (and surprise yourself by loving it), and a piece only written a few years ago the next; sing in Latin on one day, and in French on another – and the beauty of it is that there is only one requirement – a simple love of singing.

St Canice’s Cathedral Choir open rehearsal is happening at St Canice’s Cathedral on Friday, January at 24 7pm and to book a free place simply email: music@ People of all backgrounds are most welcome.