BREAKING: FG candidate eliminated in fifth count of Carlow-Kilkenny General Election

Patrick O' Neill's votes now being distributed

Sam Matthews & Sian Moloughney


Sam Matthews & Sian Moloughney



Another candidate has been eliminated

Fine Gael candidate Patrick O' Neill has been eliminated on Count 5 of the Carlow-Kilkenny General Election.

His votes are now being distributed on Count 6, which will be the last count tonight. Affairs will resume at 10am tomorrow.

No candidate reached the quota on this count, but Fianna Fail's John McGuinness is all but home and dry. He got 579 votes here, taking his to 12,201, only 70-odd shy of the quota.

Fianna Fail's Jennifer Murnane O' Connor got 160 votes, taking her to 10,253. Fianna Fail's Bobby Aylward is now on 8,408.

Green Party candidate Malcolm Noonan received 871. He is on 7,078 now. Fine Gael's John Paul Phelan got 223, and is now on 6,975. Adrienne Wallace picked up 717 votes.


The votes of Alan Hayes have been distributed as follows:

Aylward, Bobby FF plus 284, total 8408

Deering, Pat FG plus 97, total 6420

McGuinness, John FF plus 579, total 12,201

Murnane O'Connor, Jennifer FF plus 160, total 10,253

Noonan, Malcolm Green plus 871, total 7,078

O'Neill, Patrick FG plus 243, total 4186

Phelan, John Paul FG plus 223, total 6975

Wallace, Adrienne SOL-PPP plus 717, 4776

The candidate on the lowest votes is now eliminated - Patrick O'Neill FG.