UPDATE: FG's John Paul Phelan elected on Count 8 in Carlow-Kilkenny

They think it's all over

Sam Matthews & Sian Moloughney


Sam Matthews & Sian Moloughney




Count 8 at Carlow Kilkenny #ge2020

Fine Gael TD John Paul has been re-elected on the eighth count in Carlow-Kilkenny this afternoon, securing his party's only seat in this constituency.

The South Kilkenny man took 3,624 votes from party colleague Pat Deering's surplus. It brought him to 13,172. FF's Jennifer Murnane O' Connor has also been elected.

The race is now on for that final seat. It's between Bobby Aylward (FF) and Malcolm Noonan (Green Party).

Count Eight
Count Eight was the distribution of Pat Deering (FG)'s ballots.Aylward, Bobby FF plus 355, total 9174

Murnane O'Connor, Jennifer FF plus 2078, total 12,839

Noonan, Malcolm Green plus 483, total 9891

Phelan, John Paul FG plus 3624, total 13,172

Both Jennifer Murnane O'Connor and John Paul Phelan have been elected.