"All activities at Kilkenny Dog Track regardless of them bring held behind closed doors should cease immediately'"- Deputy Noonan

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


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Green Party TD Malcolm Noonan is calling for the immediate cessation of all activities at Kilkenny Dog Track, regardless of them being held behind closed doors.

Deputy Noonan said that activities at the track had nothing to do with sport and were encouraging the social interaction of dog trainers and breeders during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I do not accept the contention of the organisers that these meetings are entirely behind closed doors as invariably, trainers and people associated with the race meetings are showing up for what is essentially a gambling event," said Deputy Noonan.

"This is an industry that receives significant state support and is being promoted as a social activity. How can it be so if its taking place behind closed doors?

"There is much focus on animal welfare in kilkenny and yet the racing of dogs purely to facilitate gambling is being allowed to continue. Activities should cease here due to the pandemic; all potential for community infection must be shut down immediately. We must flatten the curve," said Deputy Noonan.