Parking wardens return to Kilkenny, with carpark charges to resume later on

Date for resumption of carpark charges may be brought forward as businesses reopen earlier

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Market Yard car park

Market Yard car park in the heart of Kilkenny city

Motorists should be aware that on-street parking charges are now back in operation in Kilkenny City.

Parking wardens have not been enforcing the charges since the Covid-19 restrictions came in, but they resumed duty once again on Tuesday.

City centre carparks have also had their barriers up and have been free of charge in recent weeks, however, they too are due to revert to normal service. June 29 was the date that had been envisaged for this. However, with reopening phases moving forward earlier than originally thought, and more businesses preparing to open early, this date may be brought forward to June 22.

The council has said it will consider this based on carpark usage and turnover of spaces in the carparks. The parking charges ensure the turnover of spaces so that they are not occupied all day by people leaving their vehicles. It's an issue that is being scrutinised and reviewed as Kilkenny prepares for the implementation of the new one-way system.