Anti-social behaviour in Linear Park must be addressed, says Kilkenny mayor

Mayor John Coonan says something has to be done

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews




Mayor of Kilkenny John Coonan wants a clampdown on anti-social behaviour taking place in the Linear Park — a popular walking spot for many in Kilkenny, as well as local residents.

The mayor is bringing a notice of motion to the July meeting of Kilkenny City Municipal District, urging members to ‘endeavour to take all necessary steps possible to resolve the upsurge in anti-social behaviour in the Linear Park’.

Mayor Coonan says that a lot of work has been done by the local authority and the gardaí, who visit the park regularly. In recent weeks, however, anti-social behaviour has become a problem. Residents are saying action is needed.

“The restrictions were lifted and older people started to use it and to go down there, as they would in the past, for a little bit of peace of mind or a walk,” saidMayor Coonan.

“But they were being confronted by groups, and bottles and stuff being thrown around. They felt a bit inhibited, and the park — they wouldn’t be able to use it for the purpose intended, to have a nice bit of peace and a quiet walk. So they asked us to do something.”

The mayor is hoping to discuss the issue with gardaí to come up with a solution. He says it is important to tackle it now, as the new Abbey Quarter park will be an extension of the river walk through Kilkenny.

There was a previous issue with anti-social behaviour, and people bringing horses and sulkies into the park. The council solved the problem by putting in pleace new gates restricting access to animals and vehicles.